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We are the ones who believe in the absolute sovereignty of God.

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Ideological organization that focus on beliefs and civilizations and science

we're who believed in the absolute sovereignty of God. that means there is a Representative and messenger from the god in this time. in our belief he is mahdi. he sent us his son named "Ahmed Al-Hasan" who raised in the basra of iraq. so his the savior who mentioned in the books of religions; Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other religions. We are conversationalists. and we respect to all ideas. don't think this will be a Conversation based on religious books only. We talk about different topics. Psychology, medicine, geology, physics, human civilizations, religions and religious teachings. We do not ask you to accept us. Rather, we seek the architecture of a healthy and secure human society. No one is forced to accept an opinion, and we believe that man was created to take what he wants.

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